Directional Survey (Gyro)

Well Services Company providing Professional Directional survey Services to Mining, Oil and Gas,
Geothermal Wells Well Services Company provides directional wellbore survey Services As following
1. High accuracy North seeking gyro
2. SRO North Seeking Gyro
3. Drop Gyro
4. Inertial Navigation Systems
5. Electronic Magnetic System ”EMS”
6. Film Base, Gyro Magnetic
8. E-line and Slick line

QA/QC of Survey data/Instrument

We deliver accurate results every time. With Our Calibration Stand and QA/QC Check procedure that followed by world Leaders , Our calibration Stand Enable Us to check the instrument QA/QC Parameters before and After each job.
In addition to our tools have self QA/QC checks
In field Survey Engineer accomplish Pre/post job field calibration Check
InRun survey data and Outrun accuracy 1ft/1000ft depth Ellipse of Uncertainly.
Well Services keep upgrading in-house to ensure that we have the most technologically advanced products

Oil and Gas Directional Survey

When it comes to surveying in the oil and gas Wells, accuracy is imperative. With our tools and Expert Engineers we deliver to the customers the highest level of Survey quality because simply we use the most accurate and fastest tools over the world, Survey quality ensured in each step and Gives green flash of accepting, Survey quality checked Inurn and Outrun, with our automated software that delivers uneditable data Our Gyros eliminate human error by automatic guiding for the survey Engineer through the complete process

Down-hole Survey Services to obtain the location and Trajectory of the borehole

When completing the borehole and Record the Survey data such as Depth, Inclination, Azimuth, well represent the Data in 3D Graphs with the highest level of accuracy of survey data and highest level of QC checks, with the fastest survey tools over the World, to save time and Money

Whip-Stock Orientation for Sidetracking

It’s important to use a highly accurate survey tool to orient the Whipstock in the correct direction Well Services Oriented more than 500 Whipstock with our north Seeking Gyros and it’s completed with continued success, Orienting Whipstock in open hole and Cased Hole
To drill and new hole or increase reached zones, Our Gyros Systems have special Technique of Orienting Whipstock Or Drilling motors in continuous Reading to orient it to the correct direction with accuracy 1.0 Deg

E-line units (Wireline)

Wireline Units are customized for both cased hole and logging as well as open hole logging applications. Available in different carrier types, such as truck, trailer or skid mounted.

Our Units can be customized with various design to ensure the units can be used for all kind of operation environment (from arctic, desert & offshore) and for all types of operation.

Wireline Units are characterized by, high efficiency at all depths with various speed and ease of maintenance

Well Planning and Collision Avoidance

Wellservices Team develops comprehensive plan on how to drill safely in specific directional includes:
- A trajectory/directional profile that defines the well target
-Anti-collision, Separation factor, Center to Center and Traveling cylinder
Our main goal to provide our customers eyes to monitor the trajectory where is it going