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 Our Latest Tools For Using:
North Seeking Gyro [High Accuracy]:

The latest instrument added to SPT’s range of tools is the GyroTracer Directional™ North Seeking, highspeed continuous gyro. The GyroTracer Directional™ surveys the wellbore in continuous mode at speeds of up to 150 m/min while simultaneously sending data to the surface equipment in both wireline and memory mode. This instrument can accurately survey all well profiles from vertical to horizontal, Pumpdown capability and continuous surveying at high latitudes or inclinations with no accuracy degradation. Producing one of the most all-round and versatile North Seeking Gyro instruments on the market. Unlike other continuous gyro systems, the GyroTracer Directional™ does not require any surface alignment or surface calibration prior to survey.

Electronic Multi Shot [EMS]:

The Electronic Multi-Shot is Designed to meet the demands of the borehole survey market, the EMS probe provides high accuracy definitive survey information.

Magnetic Multi Shot [MMS]:

The Magnetic Multi Shot is a magnetic survey instrument used to simultaneously determine the inclination (drift angle) and the magnetic direction of the bore hole. The data is recorded sequentially on a strip of photographic film.


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