The Electronic Multi-Shot is Designed to meet the demands of the borehole survey market, the EMS probe provides high accuracy definitive survey information, before you case the well - in time to make any directional course corrections.

It provides a cost effective alternative to photomechanical borehole survey tools, eliminating the need for film developing, yet fits in Peewee size running gear. The EMS also provides extended operational performance over conventional electronic multishot products on the market. For high temperature applications, the EMS can be run in a standard PeeWee size thermal shield and pressure case with an OD of 1.75”.

The EMS can be readily connected to any Windows (95/98, 2000, XP, ME) compatible computer. Using the DMS Drillog TM survey and graphics software, survey output formats can be customised by the user. These can include a variety of parameters and plots including time, depth, inclination, azimuth, gravity highside, magnitude and dip of earth's magnetic field, probe temperature and raw data output for each sensor. The EMS can also be used in conjunction with a handheld palmtop style computer when a PC is not required or optional LCD readout on probe.


Applications and Benefits
*High reliability, field proven design using state of the art technology.
*Low Cost alternative to existing systems, whilst maintaining compatibility with them.
*Reduced operating and maintenance costs through the use of established sensor technology and service policy.
*Superior operational performance due to sensors and calibration.
*Modular hardware and software provides ease of use and operational flexibility.
*Small Size for slimhole and short radius applications.
*High Temperature Capability (can also be used with low cost PeeWee thermal shields).
*Built in system level QA checking features and troubleshooting.
*Optional Easy to use LCD readout on probe.
Electronic Multishot Survey Tool Specification
Instrument Accuracy
Inclination : +/- 0.1o
Raw Azimuth : +/- 0.5o  (Inc >20o, Dip <70o)
Toolface +/- 0.1o
Operating Features
Instrument OD 1.0"
Instrument Length 36" max (incl battery housing)
Pressure Case OD 3/8" (without thermal shield)
1 3/4" (with thermal shield)
Pressure Rating 18000 psi
Thermal Shield Performance 10hrs at 400F
Data Storage Full raw data set
Parameters Gx,y,z, Bx,y,z, Temp, Battery Voltage
Shot Capacity Up to 3000 surveys (user programmable survey parameters)
Power Source 6 AAA Alkaline Battery Cells
Battery Life 40 Hrs (survey setup dependant)
Max Hold Off Time 200hrs
Surface Equipment Compatible Portable Computer with windows 95/98,2000,XP,ME
Data Display Probe onboard LCD display (optional) or via PC using serial data link.
Sensors DMS high accuracy Triax accelerometer set, DMS triaxial magnetometers.
Running Gear The EMS is PeeWee compatible or can use industry standard 1 3/4"compatible running components. DMS also have a range of proprietary running gear for customer specific applications as required.
Temperature 0 - 125°C (150°C available)
Shock 1000g, 1/2 sine 1mS
Vibration 20g rms 5-500Hz